Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Nothing slips through my crack"

Even as we continue the dance towards September 1st, I have not lost my sense of humor. Actually, I think I find things funnier which may indicate how how stretched my psyche has become or that I am finally rolling with the punches and able to still enjoy life despite the stresses coming at me from every direction.

Two weeks ago we had a soft go-live of a new computer application throughout the hospital that affects a LOT of users. I can not even tell you the months (years, for some people) of blood, sweat and tears that went into getting this project off the ground and getting everyone trained on it. Two weeks ago we had our first go-live on a couple of units, yesterday, however, was our big bang go-live. On Monday we had our final planning meeting. It truly is like preparing for a war or a military venture. We actually meet in a room that is called the war room or command center.

So Monday we had our final meeting with members of administration and with high level people involved with this production. Because the previous go live had been a bit challenging, the person directing the meeting didn't want anything getting dropped. The pharmacist piped up in a dead serious voice "I won't let anything slip through my crack."

I seriously thought I was going to die from holding in the laughter. No one laughed and I didn't dare let out one giggle or chuckle because I didn't want to get the evil eye from my boss...or her boss...or her boss' boss. So I sat there trying to suppress the laughter. Everyone behind me saw my whole body shaking and I'm sure they thought I was convulsing. I had covered my face with my hand and had looked away, but it was no use. The woman directing the meeting turned my direction and in a room full of people said, "For goodness sake, Erica, get on with it!"

I finally totally lost it at that point. They said my face was bright red and I had tears streaming down my face. I was howling so loud by then that I am sure they could hear me all the way down the hall. People finally began laughing, but most said they were only laughing because I was laughing so hard.

PS-- I wonder how many people googling other "crack" related items are going to be greatly disappointed when they find this blog. Oh, and a little tip I picked up from the Help Desk staff, when you are googling Dick's Sporting goods, do not click on the link for It's not where you want to go! Now you've been warned. Evidently someone did that on a work computer the other day and it immediately sent out an alert that they were surfing for porn.


Laura August 31, 2008 at 12:59 AM  

I would have been right there with you, LMAO. Erica, I'm thinking about you many times a day. I hope you're doing okay right now.


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