Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day Two of my Faux Vacation

Well, I fell off the caffeine-free wagon by 10:30 this morning. Really, I had no other option. Have you tried sitting in an uncomfortably cold class room while the teacher droned on about 1.) things you already know and 2.) something in a foreign language. Honestly, I don't want to think about xml codes or whatever else he was talking about in my moments of lucidity.

My "vacation" got better at 3:30 when he let us out early and I decided to meet up with a woman in the hotel who is also taking one of the classes at the center. She is Indian and wanted to head over to the Global Mall to do some shopping and eat. I'm glad I went with her because I had a great time (although for the life of me I still can not keep her name in my head to save my life--I feel like a real schmuck--it's not even a hard name to pronounce, I just can't keep the vowels in the correct order). Anyway, we did some shopping and I had my first dosa, a southern India type of food. Very good! Oh, and you know how I wanted another tattoo? Yeah, well I sorta got a new one!

No worries, Mom, it's only henna! Afterwards he returned to the hotel and I am enjoying watching Fringe. I can't help it--I love Sci Fi and anything that looks remotely X-File-ish.

Kate--I am really trying to go slow through Eclipse. Honestly, this is the longest I have made it. The other books I devoured within 24 hrs and I know I will race right through Breaking Dawn. I hate the end of a good book series (I got weepy during the last chapter of the Harry Potter series). I can NOT wait until the movie comes out and I was giddy when I saw they were releasing it a few weeks early! I really hope the movie is good and they make movies out of the other three books!


Kate September 10, 2008 at 11:04 AM  

The henna rocks! I'm waiting for Miss Luci to take her afternoon nap so I can tap into my Tivo to watch Fringe! Oh..I miss X-Files!

Fair warning about Breaking Dawn: Without spoiling it, it's a very looonnng book and I have mixed feelings about it. Can't wait for you to finish to see what you think. AND, I too am so excited that they are releasing Twilight early. I was bummed when the release date was in Dec. When I heard that it moved to November because of Harry Potter, I got so excited because it's opening on my birthday weekend. I'm planning a "sleepover" that weekend with a few friends at a hotel and we plan to see Twilight then...Oh, the little things in life! :)

Anonymous September 11, 2008 at 9:36 PM  

i can't blame you for the caffeine thing. i only lasted a few weeks as well. sounds like you're having a good time, even though you have to sit through boring classes. love the henna tattoo.


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