Saturday, September 13, 2008

Welcome Home--I'm on duty again

Can I just say how much being on-call poisons my work experience?  It is especially distasteful because what was supposed to only be temp has become permanent even after protestations.  Not only that, they don't even give me the tools to be on-call properly.  I finally got home from GA really late last night (any travel that occurred after 4 pm was unpaid, of course, so I am even more pissy since I got home late).  I drive directly from the airport to the Help Desk for an internet access card that isn't there.  There is only one access card in my dept and would you like to guess who has it?  I'm not going to go into the details for fear of hanging myself, but let's just say that person does not work on-call. 

I got paged at 7:30, which I slept through because I didn't get to bed until 2 am.  The Help Desk then called my cell phone which I finally heard.  They were paging me about an application I don't even have access to.  I think they had planned to load it on my laptop, but I have no idea if it is there because I can't access anything on my computer's desktop w/o some sort of access.  Argh.  And unfortunately once I am up, I am up all day even though I will be too tired and lazy now to actually do anything.

The best part?  I have 9 more days of this crap.  Gotta go, I hear my phone ringing again...



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