Saturday, September 13, 2008

Whine-fest continues...enter at your own risk

Well, I did warn you that this blog was going to be fluff until I knew what I was going to do about this whole 'starting a family' thing.  So, be forewarned that I am feeling more than slightly whiney today which is better that the word I really want to use.  Unfortunately, the whinier I get the worse my language becomes and while it is one thing to say the words, it's another to actually write them.  That, and my mom reads.  Hi Mom!

If you thought my grump-fest was bad at 0730, it only intensified throughout the day.  Yeah, apparently the person that was supposed to be on-call for the new application decided that since I knew it fairly well that I could manage being on-call for both things.  So, by 5 pm this evening I had logged 16 calls.  Just to clarify, we usually only log 2, 3 at the most and some nights we can go all night without a call.  So, yeah, I was busy.  At least one of the calls took an hour to deal with because I had to call others in to solve it.  Between stupid *crap* (oh, I really want to use other words right now) and the frustrations over access, I'm really pissy.  Fortunately the Help Desk tech I was working with was an absolute sweetheart and he tried everything he could to make things easier.  He was so apologetic every time he called.  He even e-mailed my boss and told her all about the hard day I'd had, but that I had still been a joy to work with and that I had helped him out with a lot of issues.  I will admit, that did soften the stink of the day. 

Michael and I are going to tempt the on-call fates by seeing a movie later.  I figured if we waited until after the change of shift it *might* be better.  Generally speaking (and I realize that I am probably shooting myself in the foot and double-jinxing myself here) the night shifters are more self-sufficient. 

Anyway, enough whining.  I did want to comment about Atlanta though before I close this post.  I have to say, they are the coolest, nicest people ever even if it feels like they live in Satan's armpit.  Honestly, have you ever stewed in your own juices?  I've been told to not stew on things, but I seriously was stewing in my sweat and ick until I finally got in my car last night and cranked the air on.  I smelled like an old gym sock.  Did you know that the Atlanta Airport is the busiest in the world?  Me neither until I sat in the airport long enough to hear the ATL infomercial.  The number of people rushing by--it was amazing and it was great people watching.  I actually ditched class early because Rajani got out early and we were both going to try to get on standby for earlier flights.  Well, did you know that Delta doesn't allow stand-by flights?  They are happy to upgrade you to an earlier time for $50, but can not guarantee a seat. What kind of crap is that?  Anyway, we did some shopping, rode the train A LOT from concourse to concourse and just enjoyed each other's company.  It was really nice to make a friend on my travels.  And to think I came prepared to finish reading Eclipse!  Note to Kristen and Kate--I just finished reading the chapter where Bella tries to get it on with Edward and he instead proposes to her.  You both have weighed in on your book preferences, but so far I am really enjoying book 1 and 3 the most.  Of course, I still have one more to go so we will see if that still stands!

It was a little embarrassing to run into the instructor of the class I just ditched in the airport at the same coffee bar.  Yeah, he had a few words for me and I was tickled to find out his flight was actually leaving two hours before mine.  I'm sure that won't be last I see of Jeff so I will need to be well behaved for the next class.  The people are very nice in Atlanta.  Even at the airport.  I had ordered some food, but the staff gave me a broken tray so I was forced to lay the tray across my arm and hold the drink in the same hand while dragging my carry-on bag and purse with the other hand.  A pilot saw me struggling and insisted on helping.  By the time he came along I had finally figured it out and was fine, but it was still nice that he offered. 

The only thing hotter than Atlanta was my own stewin' city.  I'm not making this up--the humidity level according the the National Weather Service reported 96% humidity yesterday.  Evidently there was really bad weather before I came home and flooding has again ensued.  By the time Ike's effects reach us tomorrow we are going to be saturated. 

Oh, and if you are ever feeling ignored and that you need more attention, get a henna tattoo.  I swear, I've had more strangers of all nationalities come up to me the last few days and ask about it.  I think that because I am so pale, the brown stain is more prominent on me than it is on Indian women.  Even the Chinese dude at my fave Chinese take-out place with scary-ass tattoos commented on them this evening.  There for a second I knew I had some street cred...until I told him it was only henna.  I know it usually take 1-2 weeks to fade, but at this point I'm wondering if they will fade.  Like I said, very prominent.  Very attention grabbing.  I should be a hit at church and at the Autumn Moon Fest with the FCC kiddos tomorrow. 

Anyway, for those of you inland, enjoy your Ike fall-out tomorrow and for those of you on the coast I am very, very sorry.  Be safe.


Anonymous September 22, 2008 at 2:19 AM  

Sorry that the call thing is sucking the life out of you! And I know I'm not supposed to be laughing, but I am. Not at you, but your tone and sarcasm are killing me and I'm cracking up. Maybe I'm just really tired? Anyway, hope things are getting easier. Sorry you were busted by the instructor. That's something that would happen to me.


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