Sunday, February 21, 2010

Easy Does It

Thank you to those that provided advice and support after last week’s post.  I truly appreciate it.  I’ve been a parent for 14 months + 2 days and I’ve learned that there isn’t a one-fit parenting method.  I’ve learned that what worked last week may not work this week or any week following it.  It’s an evolving process and I took this time to re-adjust my parenting.

IMG_3673 copy

Because he insists on being a big boy I forget that he isn’t too far from baby.  A lot of our troubles seem to be around meal time—throwing food, utensils and dumping food on the floor.  Some of that may be toddler related, but I knew that he didn’t always behave that way.  Duc began feeding himself when he was 9 months old and a few months ago he migrated from finger food to eating with utensils.  Lately though he had begun handing the fork over to me.  In my hurry and stressed state I didn’t realize that was my son’s way of trying to connect with me at a time when I was distracted and short on time.  So, now I am back to feeding my son.  Often time he takes the fork away from me a few bites in and if he sees my attention drift from him he prompts me again by passing me his fork.  IMG_3703 copy I’m even updating our bedtime routine for some more mommy-babe time.  I hold him close in the dark and sway while the music plays.  I can feel his little body relax and when he is ready he says “night-night” and I lay him down without tears. 

I’m still stressed and I’m still working longer hours, but I am making sure that the time I do have is devoted to him.  Quality, as we know, is often more important than quantity.IMG_3642

Today, Michael and I took him out while we did some photography around town.  He hung out, happy as a clam, playing with his cards when we took pictures of this and that.  We let him out to run on the trail and I was amazed that Duc could run as long and as fast as he could.  His little feet flew!  Oh,and Michael taught him to throw snowballs at mommy…not nice boys.IMG_3694







It was a good day and a nice end to a good weekend.



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