Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The plight of children everywhere

I think when you adopt your eyes are suddenly opened to the plight of children everywhere...not just your own country or the country you are adopting from.  Nationality is not important, race and religion are not important--the needs of these children are.  Once you have seen the suffering that exists, you can never turn away and go back to a life before knowing it. 

The media focuses so much on crime, war, and pop celebrities compared to these other needs (not that Britney Spears and the Iraq war aren't deserving of our attention).  Last week we learned of the devastation to hit Myanmar and the Red Cross is estimating that 128,000 people might be dead as a result of the cyclone that hit.  It's hard to fathom such numbers and harder to fathom a government that is incapable of providing aid to it's people (I'd like to think this is different than what our own country suffered two years again in the Delta, but I may be too forgiving).  While they may have already lost 128K, the fallout from the cyclone will kill even more.  Starvation, disease, soiled water--all will further break down the country and the will of the people.  It's shameful that they won't even accept help to distribute the goods across the country.   

On the heels of that disaster, China was hit with with 7.9 earthquake that rattled all the way to Vietnam.  So far there are nearly 15,000 confirmed dead, and another 18,000 missing or buried.  Entire schools collapsed crushing many children.  Others, lost their entire families.  I can't help but think of my children when these tragedies occur.  Haven is sandwiched in between two countries that have now suffered devastating loss, but what of my daughter?  and her birthmother?  Chances are my daughter hasn't been born, but her mother is being forced to experience this. I pray that both these countries find the resources they need to recover as much as they can. 

And while I will never be confused for a Republican, I have to agree with Pres. Bush on at least one item he is planning to veto.  A farm bill is going before Congress this week that ultimately would divert money that could be helping the children in less fortunate countries to give subsidies to US farmers that are now enjoying the boon of high crop prices and incomes (forgive me, I nearly plagiarized that entire sentence from my newspaper--it's from an AP article).  As the bill is currently written, only 1% of the total bill ($300 billion) assist the starving in other countries.  According to the article it hurts poor countries that are trying to produce their own food.  Just last week there was an article about starving Haitians.  People have begun eating dirt because of the high cost of food.  We complain about food costs here, but we have social services that protect most people from starving.  Other countries are not so fortunate. 

There is no good way to conclude this post.  When I read these stories I'm thankful that I have been blessed, and I try to figure out the best way that I can help.  I guess that is the least that we can do. 



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