Saturday, August 9, 2008

I heart HP

Because I was in overtime yesterday, I needed to leave by 10 am.  I did exactly that with great joy.  It's becoming a habit because of the project I am working on, but I so look forward to having a nearly three day weekend.  Last Friday I spent the day reading and yesterday was no different.  Every time Kristen suggests a new book for me to read, I groan.  Not because I don't trust her judgement--it's because I know if she is telling me about it is because she thinks I am really, really going to like it.  I haven't been disappointed yet.  The problem is that I get so involved with the books, I become completely obsessed and unable to do much else.  Seriously, it's a bad thing sometimes.  I came home yesterday, changed into my PJs and settled on the couch to read.  Every hour or so I would email her an update with where I was and then I would go back to reading.  Finally, last night, I finished it.  Actually, I finished the book in less than 24 hours, but when all you are doing is reading--it feels like you are living the experiences of the characters.  At least it does for me.  So this is why I have been up to:


I read most of the first book when I was up at Kristen's house last month.  Believe me, it was a long drive home with the book tempting me in the passenger seat.  Not only that, but how bad of a house guest was I to ignore my friend???

Now I have also finished this bookNew Moon and these booksBitter is the New Black Bright Lights

Yes, it is true, I'm burying myself in words.  To even it all out I decided to do some writing of my own.  What I am doing is taking the novel I started several years ago, printing it out page by page and editing it. It's amazing how much more material I'm putting in, but I am also editing some out because now it just sounds dumb.  The problem is that I'm not disciplined.  Once I sit down I can write for hours.  I love to write, the words flow out of me and I'm amazed sometimes where the story goes.  It is true, some stories just take on a life of their own. 

However, I hit a little snag when the crappy piece of crap-crap printer went crap.  Actually, it didn't so much as go crap as much as was born crap.  You get my drift? 

When I go to a store to shop for any thing besides clothes or shoes, I have already researched the brands and narrowed it down to two items I like.  That is the time I finally hit the store.  Last year I had a particular HP printer in mind after my eight year-old HP finally slowed down and begged for mercy.  I went to Best Buy and although the website said my local store had that printer in stock, they most certainly did not or they were trying to unload the piece of crap Epson printers.  I was desperate, I caved and I hoped that because it was a little more expensive that that would guarantee quality.  WRONG.  The photo printer was NEVER able to print a photo.  How wrong is that?  Any photos I would attempt to print would come out all streaky and would have big spots of spilled ink all over.  Black and white text pages were no better.  The black words were always smeared and dots of ink were prevalent all over my documents.  When I was applying for jobs last year I was embarrassed about the quality of the letters I sent out.  It was that bad.  There was a lawsuit and Epson settled, but you know what they gave us?  A gift certificate for more Epson crap that we could only buy from their online store. 

So today when my pages came out a gray garbled mess (with a full black ink cartridge mind you) I'd had enough.  I knew I was going to need a new printer once I became a mom (darn it, I want to print my photos from home!) and I finally had my fill.  Besides, I'm not going to allow a crappy printer to be a procrastination tool.  If I don't finish my novel this time, it's because of something I didn't do, not because the printer doesn't work.  My new printer is an all-in-one printer which means I can get rid of the clunky scanner I have.  It's also an HP and indestructible.  Seriously, it is under my desk and I'm either resting my feet on it or the cat is sitting on it and it still hasn't broken.  Even after being kicked numerous times.  I can not recommend an HP--any HP--enough. 

Just a few minutes ago I printed out a few pages of my novel and for the first time in over a year, it looks crisp and beautiful.  Thank you, HP!HP


Kristen August 9, 2008 at 11:03 PM  

Too funny!!!! I bought a new HP earlier this week! It's sitting here, still in the box, waiting for me to set it up. It's an all in one - printer, scanner, copier - which is just what I need! I need to print out those adorable pictures of my little girl! I wonder if we have the same printer?

By the way, I have another book for you...

Kate August 11, 2008 at 11:37 PM  

Love the Twilight series. The newest one came out last week and I've already finished it. Sad...


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