Saturday, February 14, 2009

Family from afar

Last Friday, Kristin and I were discussing when to have a family reunion and get our kids together.  I was dying to get my hands on Catherine finally and she wanted to snuggle Spud (little did she know he is quite the wriggly worm that would rather wrestle).  I will admit i was rather hesitant to go any distance.  Lately Spud has begun getting really upset when I am out of sight.  Even using the bathroom and literally being 6 feet away (but out of sight) reduces him to tears.  It’s heart breaking.  Being in a rear-facing car seat is murder lately.  Over the weekend I listened to 75 minutes of non-stop, breath-catching tears.  It was awful.  That and some brake issues that I haven’t yet addressed had me feeling very nervous about going any distance.

They arrived Sunday late afternoon and we had a BLAST!  Oh my goodness—both Spud and I had a wonderful time.  It was just wonderful to spend time with someone who understands how wonderful and how hard being a single adoptive parent can be.  Sharing this experience with one of my closest friends made it that much richer for me.

My favorite, absolute favorite, moments were when all of us were just jumping around on the bed or the futon just playing.  Kristen or I would take turns taking photos and tickling the kids.  Catherine has boundless energy and for several days we would play a little game of  “I tickled you last”.  I will admit she was a bad influence on Spud—he didn’t want to take a nap with her around! 

I was concerned she would feel threatened by Kristen giving Spud some lovin’, but as long as she got her turn she was quite happy to share Spud with Kris. 

Spud absolutely adored Catherine!  I couldn’t keep his eyes off of her and his hands weren’t far behind!  His little head would whip around constantly trying to see where she was.  Nearly all my photos were blurry because they both move so fast!

My second favorite moment was when we stuck them in the bathtub together for a shared bath.  They both love water.  And splashing.  Spud would just stare at her.   It was fun to watch and I imagine that once he starts walking it will definitely be double trouble!


A rare photo with me and my Spud (now you understand the nickname, don’t ya!)


One of the rare, and I do mean rare, photos of all three of us looking at the camera at the same time.  How stinkin’ cute is Catherine!



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