Sunday, April 12, 2009


How can I possibly let an Easter pass without recognizing how thankful I am for all the blessings that I enjoy.  Sometimes it takes a holiday to remind us of the goodness that exists in our lives. 

I am so thankful for the little reminders.  Little reminders that I share my life with a little man.  That I am, indeed a mother.  Sometimes that little fact seems beyond me.  I guess it is not something that I sit and ponder on.  I just am.  Tonight I was just trying to clean up the mess that is my house.  It always kicks me in the pants at the end of the weekend that we have had too much fun and not enough serious time.  As I was cleaning out my temporary diaper bag/purse (there was an unfortunate leaking bottle that soaked into my diaper bag while in Dallas.  Can you image the smell??) I pulled out a couple of alphabet letters.  I don’t recall placing them in the outside pocket and it was just a little reminder that my son has impacted every aspect of my life.  From my messes to my purse pockets.001_edited-2

Yes, my son is sporting a suit and eating straw.  The nickname Spud seems rather fitting, don’t you think?  The straw is candy straw made out of potato starch.  Tastes like crap (or diet rice cakes which also taste like crap), but since Spud likes eating grass and tree bark I don’t think he cares. 


My beautiful niece playing with her new bubble blower.012_edited-2 021_edited-2 IMG_2422_edited-4

The Spud has been very clingy lately and according to my sister it is completely normal at this age.  As soon as I put him down he starts crying.  It’s horrible!  I feel so bad for him.  I will be standing right there next to him and he cries.  I’m a mean mommy because his quivering chin is the cutest thing I have ever seen.  I always pick him up because I don’t want him to cry.  And honestly, I don’t mind it so much but he looks miserable.  I’ve pulled out a ring sling that I bought a while back.  I was afraid it was a waste of my money, but now I see it is invaluable!  I’ve just stuck him in it and gone on with my business.  He’s happy as can be.

Yesterday I met with the mortgage specialist (ok, if they get to be a specialist can I be a play specialist or swing pusher specialist?) and it still gave me a slight thrill to hear the mortgage specialist stutter in awe over my credit score.  It’s about the only thing that about me that can be described as perfect.  Knock on wood—seriously, I hope I didn’t just screw myself.  I’ve had identity theft issues twice since August and I always hold my breath a bit when I check or have my credit scores checked.  I am going to keep an eye on the interest rates and if *ANYONE* sees it drop under 5% please let me know.  I am waiting to lock in a lower rate.  It looks like I can drop my payment or drop to a 20 year term.  THAT would be awesome.  Just imagine—I can have my house paid off about the time my kids graduate high school.  

While we were meeting with the mortgage specialist Spud took a monster dump.  The kind that makes the eyes water and causes the gag reflex to work a little harder.  I asked her if it bothered her, and if so, I was willing to change it.  Of course she was polite and waved it off.  As soon as I got to the car I stripped his pants off to change him in the backseat.  I swear, I turned just to make no one was sneaking up behind me and when I turned my head back around Spud had rolled off the seat and was lying on the floor.  Didn’t make a peep.  Little turd just  laid there looking at me with his dirty diaper wrapped around his legs.  Ewww!

We went to the park and he ate some bark, sat in a swing and squealed with sheer joy!  It was as much fun for me to watch and hear as it was for him to do, I think. 

Spud is walking about 80-90% of the time now so he tried to play with the big kids at the park.  It was funny to watch him chase the bigger kids.  And by bigger, I mean kids that no longer count their age in months.  I marvel each time I see him in action.

Happy Easter!


kris April 13, 2009 at 4:53 PM  

And by marvel, you include marveling at his stealth like Ninja maneuvers to the floorboards after said monster poo, yes? (winking and grinning). Sly kiddo. Sounds like you are in heaven and every time I read you I cannot wait for momhood to bring it's blessings upon me!

Kelli April 13, 2009 at 9:17 PM  

I am glad to hear your sister is saying the clingyness is the age. I have been kind of freaking out about it because I feel so bad for Aiden (he is doing the exact same thing and it breaks my heart!). Love the Easter suit, but we need a full length pic to see the whole outfit!

And I have commented about the same thing on many blogs- I was a bawling mess at church yesterday, thinking about how blessed I am, thinking about this time last year, how close this little life was to being born and I didn't even know it....

Kate April 14, 2009 at 9:28 PM  

Love reading about Spud's adventures. Glad you had a nice Easter!


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