Sunday, October 19, 2008

Diamonds and pearls, oh my

I have been busy.  Really busy.  I can't go into all the details right now because I am that busy. 

I went to church this morning and got so busy after I returned home, that I didn't realize until after I did the dishes, laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, paying of bills and other things that I was wearing my pearls and diamonds.  I got a glimpse of myself wearing my pearl necklace and ratty denim shirt and I was kind of taken back.  So this is what today's June Cleaver looks like? 

I'm heading to Dallas once again.  This time I will be traveling with my office mate so I may not have as much time for blogging as last week.  I always stay at the same hotel because I like the staff, hot breakfast and dinner and the easy access to a Super Target across the street.  My office mate wanted to stay at another hotel because it has other amenities.  Personally, I think the big-a** mall next door is probably the amenity that she is most interested in.  Hopefully this will give me a chance to catch up on some movies. 

Oh, and I did see the Oliver Stone movie "W" yesterday.  It's no secret that I don't like the guy, but I was worried that he would be represented in a negative light.  While I don't agree with him, he is still the leader of our country and I am uncomfortable with the US making negative movies about our leaders that are then exported to foreign countries.  Surprisingly, I liked it.  I didn't feel it made fun of him.  I actually began to *gulp* like him.   I thought that was amazing--Stone actually made me like the guy.  I don't know--hopefully this is one thing that Republicans and Democrats can actually share.

Can anyone explain to me why it was warm enough to use my AC a few days ago, but now my heat is on?  I woke up this morning to a 60* house.  I'd had enough--I had to turn on the heat.   


Rachel October 20, 2008 at 12:10 PM  

I know - the weather is crazy! What is going on?

I saw W too - it did not make me like the man any more, but it did confirm my theory (confirm as in show me that other people, specifically Oliver Stone, agree with me) that Cheney and Rove really pull the strings and are to blame for the evil that has become our government!

You should eat good Tex-Mex in Dallas - although it sounds like you've been doing that with all of the cheese you encountered. I used to live there - I'm trying to remember the good places to go. Enjoy the warmth!


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