Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How do you know you are ready to parent?

I have asked a lot of parents this question and every answer is the same: you are never ready to parent.  You never feel prepared for the lack of sleep, you never think you will have enough emotional fortitude for what's ahead, and most say they never felt they had enough money to have children.  I'm sure even Brangelina had a moment when they said, "But Brad/Angie, we can't possibly support a family of 8 on $40 million a year!"  Don't forget they have to pay for nannies, private tutors, and all the support personnel that come with being beautiful, rich and famous in the US.

Well, this morning I had a moment where I thought I might be ready.  The cat had been asleep literally on my butt when woke up, took a few steps and yakked.  And I didn't get up.  Yep, the cat puked on my bed and I didn't even bother turning the light on.  I just petted her to make sure was ok and rolled over. 

I'm hoping that means I'm getting stronger for the day when my someday children are finally home.  Puke is my Kryptonite.


Laura October 29, 2008 at 9:56 PM  

My problems are similar to those of Brad and Angie. It's exhausting hiring and maintaining my entourage and whatnot. And looking this good? Please. It takes work.

Oh wait. That's not me. Yeah, the answer is definitely NEVER. Hell, I'm not sure I'm ready now, and I've been at it ten months. he he he. Although I have to say that you're in a better position than I am, because I would have puked right after the cat, thrown the sheets in the trash, and slept in the guest bed. :) Thank goodness Mattix isn't a puker, although he makes up for it in the poo dept.


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