Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Updates--nothing new, I swear!

Ok, that's really a lame title, but I feel as if I have been walking on eggshells lately and when people ask me how things are, I'm stickin' with "pretty good".  Actually, maybe I'm the eggshell and I'm feeling a bit crushed--really hard to say. 

I haven't posted for a few days because there is nothing to say...and a lot to say all at the same time.  Basically, I've been enjoying life.  After a couple of hard weeks that I can't completely blame on my mother (I love 'ya, Mom!) it's been nice to feign ignorance...or denial, who knows.  I've not had enough sleep the last couple of nights which makes me feel all funky in a groovy sort of way. 

Ok, update time!

  • We did have a tornado on Saturday morning.  No damage in my immediate vicinity, but the north-west corner of the county got hit and the next big town north of them got hit pretty hard.  No deaths, but plenty of injuries.
  • We had more tornados today.  yeah, evidently the season is hitting earlier than expected.  We were on lock down at work when it hit today and at 2:30 PM, it was so dark outside that the street lights came on.  Honestly, it was darker than 9 PM.  I haven't checked the news to see if we had damage. 
  • Saturday--spent the day with my sis.  Over a month ago she called and invited me to see Sex and the City.  We had a great time and I LOVE spending time with my niece.  Cute story--I went upstairs to use the bathroom.  The hall bath is right next door to my niece's room and while I was in the BR doing my thing, she knocked on the door.  I let her in and I asked what she needed.  She said "potty".  After clarifying that she also needed to use the toilet, I pulled her britches down and she settled herself on her little training potty.  I handed her some TP and we had a nice little conversation, just the two of us using the toilet. Anyway, the time with my sister was great, the time with my niece was great and I stopped at a great store (thanks to Shasta for the directions) called Global Gifts.  My sister gave me a limit--five minutes and we are out the door!  Evidently seeing SATC was more important than seeing the cool stuff...anyway, I did some serious damage in only a few minutes.  I love prayer flags and I bought some Bengali Prayer Flags for Haven's room.  They match his room, and although they aren't Vietnamese, I love it.  Actually, I did the same with his sister's room.  She has some Nepalese art hanging in her room.  I also bought this guy:  IMG_0397  IMG_0398 I love this guy!  He's from Indonesia and I've already named him.
  • Sunday--uneventful, but I did learn that I'm the best darn grill cook around.  My marinated/grilled veggies were awesome--even Michael thought they were better than the meat. 

I did find myself feeling deeply annoyed at church.  No one besides the pastor knows of this adoption (so you should all feel very honored), but because of someone's loose lips, everyone knows about my China girl.  Several weeks ago a woman came up to me and asked...again.  partly out of self preservation and partly because I didn't want her to feel obligated about asking, I told her several weeks ago that it would be years before I hear anything and promised to update her as soon as I heard anything.  Pretty clear, right?  Don't call me, I'll call you.  It's been 6 months and they are still processing the same month of LID so I thought that was a safe answer.  Anyway, she comes up to me on Sunday with an excited expression and asked, "So, did you hear anything this week?!?"  What the heck?  With what I am sure was a rather pissy facial expression I said, "you really shouldn't feel obligated to ask.  It really will be years before I hear anything.  Trust me, if I hear anything at all, the entire church will know about it, but until then, there isn't any reason to keep asking."  I honestly don't know what else to say.  I know some PAPs out there think that is a crappy way to respond, but despite the fact that I have moved forward with another adoption, my heart is still very much with my daughter and I pray for her and her family every-single-day.  I will long for her until I have her in my arms, no matter how long it takes or how my family may grow in the meantime.  But there is no way to explain that to people. 


Chris and Shasta June 3, 2008 at 8:17 PM  

How about today? Did you hear anything? Grrr. That is so frustrating! Have you considered telling her that you've decided to pull out, just to make her shut up? Sorry you only got 5 minutes in Global Gifts but I'm with your sister-Sex and the City is more important!

Kristen June 3, 2008 at 9:00 PM  

Let's see:
Can't wait to try your grilled veges. Loved Sex and the City. Can't wait to visit Global Gifts. Hate tornadoes, they scare me. I actually had a cat that was killed during a tornado - poor Kitty. People can be frustrating when they don't understand international adoption - especially what's happening in China. It's too hard to explain/understand waiting years for your child. Eagerly anticipating any news you hear from your agency. There, I think I covered it all!
:D K

Laura June 5, 2008 at 1:31 AM  

I don't think that was a crappy way to respond. I think that woman must have a memory issue, though. Seriously! What is it with people? I'm glad you had a nice time with your sis and special potty time with your niece. :) So, any news on your China adoption yet? Kidding!


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