Monday, November 10, 2008

El Paso--which one?

In August 1975, El Paso became the last city in the continental US to convert its telephone service from manual switching.  Prior to that date, telephones in the city could not be dialed directly from any outside location (the assistance of an operator being necessary to place the call) and local telephone numbers consisted of four digits only.

Now that you know that little tidbit, where am I?


There is something about road trippin' (yes, contrary to what the previous post indicated, I can spell correctly most of the time) that makes me happy on a weird sort of level.  I love to see the different cities and different terrains.  I love to listen to their music and try to figure out why the local radio stations care so much about the stupid stuff they talk about--it's just kind of fun seeing (or hearing) how other people live. 

On Thursday of last week, the last analyst in my department quit.  I am now a unit of one.  Hmmm....can you say busy?  I tried to get out early on Friday, I even had permission, but when you are essentially the only one trained to do a particular job what do you do?  Well, at least I can find comfort in knowing that I will likely not be eliminated--at least not until some new ones are hired and trained.  It is hard because I counted every one of them as friends.  I hate losing contact with those that I enjoy, but it becomes so hard to maintain relationships when you aren't in frequent contact.  At least at work you are forced together.  It's just a nice little bonus when you realize you enjoy their company. 

What else is knew....oh yea, where did the cold and snow come from???


Meredith November 10, 2008 at 10:36 PM  

A unit of one? Doesn't sound like much fun. Hope things get better quick!

Laura November 11, 2008 at 12:55 AM  

All alone at work? :( Well, like you said, good for job security!


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