Sunday, November 30, 2008

Four day weekend wrap-up

A couple of things I learned the past four days:

  1. A body at rest, rusts.  No kidding.  I have gone to the gym the past couple of days and my knees and quads are a mess.  Yesterday while I was walking I could feel my patella clicking as it tried to find the patellar groove.  I finally reached down and manually manipulated it back into place.  It lasted all of four steps.  I am definitely doing the ice, ibuprofen and exercises now!  I'm so cold that when I ice my knees I put a bunch of blankets and the cat over it so the rest of me doesn't freeze.  The worst isn't my knees (although they certainly don't feel good).  The worst is the band of muscles right above my knee.  I don't know if I tore something or what, but the area is swollen and tender and has been for over a month.  I want instant gratification and I am certainly getting it right now.
  2. I'm sick of turkey.  'Nuff said.
  3. Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer is NOT all that.  Yep, I read the entire thing in 24 hours and kept expecting it to get better.  I guess in a way I am glad it ended this way because I was all torn up over the way the 3rd book ended.  It just seemed like she wrapped it up a little too neat and tidy.  I guess I am just too much of a realist because that didn't work for me.  There didn't seem to be the action or romance that the previous books had.  Maybe it is just me.  Trust me, if I ever release the book I am working on it will not be all neat and tidy. 
  4. I'm really stinkin' sick of turkey. 
  5. My house looks pretty freakin' clean.  It's amazing and I think my mom was a little surprised at how I was able to pull it all together.  I need to take photos as a reminder that it was once clean and has the potential to be again.
  6. I'm working on my Christmas list.  Honestly the things I want most for Christmas aren't things and I can't put them on my list.  It makes shopping a little difficult. 

Thanksgiving was pretty awesome and turned out differently than I was expecting.  My mom snuck into my house early Thursday to start the bird.  Seriously, she let herself in while I was sleeping and she had the dang thing cleaned, stuffed and in the oven before I woke up.  That was kind of freaky.  Even the cat didn't meow to let me know.  K.Y. and K brought a bottle of mango flavored wine--awesome!  And B & J brought Indian mango pudding--this was totally unplanned, but it was very good.  It was nice to learn of customs from their homelands and my dad was networking and trying to get some job leads.  Everything was pretty nice and then my sister and her family arrived and my dad's Boston Terrorist dog was released--it was absolute chaos and I enjoyed every minute of it.  I never thought I would have enjoyed a house full of noise, but I really, really do.  I had ten people and two animals crammed into two small rooms, but it worked. 

Now I am debating what I should do with the rest of my afternoon off--take a nap, go to the gym, get groceries, or put the Christmas tree up?


Dawn November 30, 2008 at 1:46 PM  

I am on page 329 of the book and am still anxious to see how it ends.

Kate November 30, 2008 at 4:58 PM  

Ha! I couldn't wait to hear what you had to say about Breaking Dawn. My sentiments EXACTLY!!! I was so let down. Saw the movie was all right.


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