Wednesday, November 14, 2007

An answer to that most obnoxious comment...

The only people in the world besides my SW and agency that know I am planning on adopting from VN are my mom and dad, Kristen, and Michael. I fully expect that once I let it be known that I am adopting from here as well, that I will get asked that oh so wonderful question that every adoptive parent dreads hearing: Did you even try to get pregnant? or the other derivitive: Don't you want one of your own?

Well, finally, today the perfect answer came to me. When someone asks "Did you even try to get pregnant?" I'm going to answer with this question:

Are you asking me if I have had unprotected sex?

To really get make them reflect I can finish with one of two answers:

That's a very personal question. Do you have unprotected sex?
Yes, I have lots of unprotective sex.

(I'm kidding, Mom, I swear!)

I imagine the questions will get worse once people learn that I am adopting TWO kids. There are so many variables when you get asked a question like that. Do I really want to tell people about my menstrual cycle? No more than I want to hear about theirs. Strangely enough, it is typically guys that have asked this question so far.


Kelli November 14, 2007 at 8:33 PM  

Thanks for your comment of my blog! If I had enough guts, I might answer that question (which I have been asked too many times to count) with your responses!


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