Monday, February 25, 2008

Just what I needed

Ok, maybe it wasn't the one thing I wanted, but I did get what I needed this weekend...isn't that a Stones song?  The 171H did NOT arrive like it was supposed to this weekend so I am keeping tabs on Tracy's blog hoping that once she hears, I'll hear.  I know it doesn't work that way, but humor me. 

The part where I got what I needed came in the form of my good friend, and probably closest girl friend, Kris.  She has been an awesome friend, incredibly supportive of both my China adoption AND Haven's adoption.  She is also the reason I haven't blogged the past few days (although I would have let you all know if I had received my 171H!).  We actually stayed away from the computer all weekend and only checked email briefly Saturday night. 

We had an awesome time (well, I had an awesome time--you'll have to stay tuned to Kris' blog for her opinion).  She arrived Thursday evening/Friday morning during a hateful winter storm that was just spitting ice.  Friday morning after we got up and started our day we wondered if it was a good idea to even attempt getting out, but I am glad we did.  We shopped locally and learned that a local woman designs baby carriers.  She has two different styles, but I really preferred the sling method and she evidently will custom make them so I can choose any fabric I want.  Kristen has some photos of me modeling the sling complete with baby doll.  I'll try to post them once she sends them to me. 

Saturday we spent the day in her state capitol and she got to meet the rest of my immediate family.  Wow, I really should have warned her!  We also did a lot of shopping--well we shopped and I bought.  I did find matching pink and blue piggy banks that I bought for the kids and an adorable red shirt that says "single and loving it".  Depending on how much space my kids have between birthdays, they will definitely be wearing that shirt.  Mama may have to find one for herself. 

Yesterday was a short day together.  We met Kelli for brunch here in town at one of our quaint little restaurants.  It is good to spend time with those that understand the process.  I almost feel like we need our very own supportive group and at my last FCC gathering the other single mom in the group did mention she is trying to get one together.    Our needs and concerns are different than married couples--not necessarily more difficult, just different.

The only bad part of the weekend is when I did a slip 'n slide on my front stoop yesterday morning.  I took one step and the next thing I know my feet are above my head and I'm flat on cement.  I'm bruised and I may have popped a rib.  It hurts when I take a deep breath and is very tender.  My left shoulder and both hips are also really sore.  I think this gives me a really good excuse to just sit and watch the new show that Kris got my hooked on.  No kidding...after she left yesterday I sat and watched an additional 8 or 9 episodes.  Yikes. 

My goal today is to get all the documents I have right now notarized.  I'm hoping the one I want is just around the corner. 


Kelli February 25, 2008 at 4:21 PM  

I had a great time yesterday! Hope you recover from your fall...and that you don't get any more ice in the next few days!


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