Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Using the baby card

I have finally used the adoption/baby card.  For whatever reason, the State Troopers love calling my house even though I have never donated.  They have called 3 times today before I finally answered and twice yesterday.  It's really harassment. 

The nice gentleman began his spiel and I told him that I would not be able to donate this year (or tomorrow, or the day after) because I am in the process of adopting a child.  He then proceeded to ask if I would like to donate a small gift of $10.  I told him that every little penny that my little fingers find, goes right into the adoption fund.  I finished with "I need to find $30,000 this year on a nurse's salary."  He finished with a God bless you, ma'am and got off the phone. 

This weekend I received an e-mail from a woman and her husband soliciting funds for their third adoption.  I don't know this couple.  I have never met them.  Never spoken to them.  I have never even e-mailed them before.  I finally found out how she got my e-mail (it was addressed to an old e-mail address).  Evidently she was a member for a China adopt yahoo group that I used to follow last year.  I'm no longer a member, but she decided to contact me anyway! 

Please understand, I'm not against fund raising, I really am not.  If I know for sure that Haven's adoption will go through I will likely inform my church and see what creative things they might be able to suggest for fund raising.  I've never been good at those things and will certainly never be able to toot my own horn.  A year ago I was terribly sick with pneumonia and was so short of breath that I struggled to even get to the bathroom (my solution was to not drink fluids so I wouldn't have to get up, which only exacerbated the pneumonia--it sucks to live alone).  Did I ask for help?  Not a chance.  Thank God one of my friends came over to check on me, get me groceries and bring me his leftovers.  If not for him and my mother I'm not sure what my outcome would have been. 

Money is a huge concern for me.  Right now I am debating whether I should rent a ~ $5.00 movie.  It seems like such a small thing, but every dollar I spend is one less that goes towards getting my kids home.  And in light of my camera purchase earlier this week, I'm even more cautious.  So I guess the point of this rambling bit is this, unless I owe you money...DON'T ASK FOR MONEY.  Otherwise, I'm going to pull the adoption card out and if pushed, the single mom card.  Oh, yeah, I got two card!


Kelli February 20, 2008 at 9:27 PM  

I'm gonna have to remember that!

Dawn February 21, 2008 at 11:10 AM  

I used the Adoption Card, when a political party called this week!!


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