Tuesday, January 22, 2008

600A and I-600 News

Congrats to all those that received their I-600 during the wee hours of the night!  Oh my goodness, I can't imagine how excited you are.  My heart goes out to the few that were expecting it and didn't receive one.  You know who you are and my prayers are with you tonight. 

In I-600A news, I received my biometrics appointment today.  It was rather anticlimactic.  I kind of expected that since I'd had such a miserable week last week.  I don't think much joy is going to return to this process until I know I am low on the list to be match and/or have a referral.  It's hard to put it into print, but I have been waiting for my kid(s) for too long to not feel like that.  And if Britney Spears does get pregnant with that bonehead paparazzi, I'm going to be pissed! 

In other news, I have had a chance to reconnect with some friends that I have not connected with for the last month or so.  I'm too old and have known and loved these people for too long not to put some attention into our relationships.  I spent time with my friend Sherry and her adopted daughter from Guatemala.  Somehow, spending time with them reminds me that dreams do come true.  I got some great toddler time (she just turned two this weekend!)  There is something about spending time with a child that just heals my heart.  And she is such a sweety and a little ham.  I got to rock her before bed and she just nestled right in.  Ahhh.  How will I ever be able to put my own children to bed? 

I'm SO looking forward to my adoption buddy/blogger buddy gathering next month!  Only 4 short weeks to go, but who's counting?  Kris, I hope you are here when my 171H arrives.  The friends that I have made along the way have been such a HUGE support. 



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