Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Almost there...

Actually, I'm not really much closer, but the only thing remaining on my list is to get my I-171H clearance.  Finally, today I went to the police station and I got my clearance letter.  You know, I'm glad I've lived a squeaky clean life.  I can't imagine what it would be like to have a hidden DUI or shoplifting (or worse) on my record. 

It's funny, when I began the process for my daughter just over a year ago, getting my police clearance was the first thing I did.  It was the one thing I knew I didn't have to wait on anybody else for.  This time it was nearly the last thing because I don't want it to expire right away.  Hopefully this wasn't too soon. 

While in the police station I was trying to explain to the lady what I needed, but to be honest, I couldn't remember what exactly it was called.  I finally said, "I'm adopting.  I need whatever form is generally used.  Last year when I did this it had my name and my social security number."  Well, before she could even talk about the form, she started saying how great that was and I braced myself for the "isn't he/she lucky" comment, but instead she said "this is so exciting.  You are going to love being a parent.  I have a two year-old and she is my best friend."  The lady that was waiting on the bench for a cop (for I can only assume, bad reasons--she looked a little rough) started getting all misty eyed and smiling at me.  She said, "you are going to be so happy!  Kids are great.  I have three and I am kicking myself now for getting my tubes tied."  She continued on to say that her ex-husband has full custody of one child, her ex-fiance has shared custody and one of the two men was trying to take her other baby...frankly, the longer she talked the more she was popping the little happy bubble in my brain. 

While it is unlikely that I will receive an invite to the federal fingerprint party any time this week, I'm still hoping my week ends with a bang.  Crossing my fingers to hear something by Saturday...



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