Thursday, January 10, 2008

Do I even need to say?

I did write an email to the orphan unit at my local USCIS field office. Hopefully she will have good news for me tomorrow, but I am betting it will be somewhere along the lines of "we have 4 weeks in order to make a determination". Please pray that that doesn't happen.

My mother has a good way to looking at it:

I too would like to see you become a mom by your b'day. That would be the best gift ever. I know God knows what he's doing so I keep reminding myself that when things don't go the way I think they should that maybe its b/c god is working something better out.
I tell myself that there is a VN boy and a Chinese girl specially for you so when the timing seems slow it is b/c those 2 kids are not in a position to come yet. I don't want you to get just any 2 kids; I want you to get the 2 kids that God has matched for you. In my life I have seen the proof of this that when things didn't go as planned something better than I planned came along later. I'm not trying to minimize the frustrating wait that you have. I tell myself the timing will be right and God has his reasons for not pushing these adoptions thru super fast.

I'm to the point that I really want to KICK the mailbox, but I know it will do nothing for my frustration and probably just break my foot.

Thanks to all who commented on my other blog. Yesterday, and unfortunately today, have been bad. Yesterday was uber sucky, so in comparison today isn't bad. I'm just tired. Physically tired, emotionally tired and now I am whiny because I have an ear ache. Yeah, that's right. An ear ache like I used to get when I was a kid. I have decided that I need to limit/eliminate the time I spend on the China blogs and I probably need to go no-mail from some of the groups for a while. It's just really getting to me. I am so HAPPY that there are some families that FINALLY got I-600A clearance the last two days and will soon (in two days!!!) be traveling to VN. Thank God, that has been my own bright spot.


Kelli January 11, 2008 at 4:53 PM  

Try to stay positive (I know it's hard)- it WILL come!


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