Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I-600A Updates

Yes, it is true...I finally have something to write about this, but it certainly isn't good.  I actually heard from USCIS 3 times today.  Wow, lucky me.  The first was a letter acknowledging that they had received my application.  The second was a letter requesting that I send my social security number and the third was in response to an email I sent yesterday and Thursday requesting information about how long I can expect this to take. 

The thing that really pisses me off?  The same exact thing happened little over 13 months ago when I applied for an I-600A for my daughter.  They wanted a social security number which slowed me down.  This time I expected it, even though it is not listed anywhere on the application.  In fact, I sent a copy of my social security card, a copy of my birth certificate and a copy of my passport.  So what just happened?  I called the National Customer Service Center (yeah, that's what it is called--just like I was checking on the warranty for my VCR) and they were no help.  Fortunately we have a post office that is open until 7 PM.  I high-tailed it over there and sent it certified, again.  The postman assured me it would reach the local field office in the morning.  I was still so mad about it by the time I reached the post office that I almost went off about it to the postman, but fortunately I remembered that he, too, is a federal employee.  Last thing I want is to wind up on some terrorist watch group. 

The email I received told me that it takes 2-3 weeks to process forms so I can hope to hear from them in 3 weeks about when my fingerprint appointment will be.  I will then wait 2 weeks for my fingerprint appointment and then wait another 3-4 weeks for my 171H.  HOWEVER, the last time I got screwed by them, I actually waited 6 weeks for my 171H so if things go well, I will hopefully have my 171H in 8 weeks, if not, we are looking at 10-12.  If you read this out loud you can hear the disappointment in my voice.

I was so upset I wanted to cry, but I was so mad I couldn't.  I had this neat little package all sewed up in my mind.  I would be DTC in early February and hopefully receive a referral by July and travel in September.  That would have been so perfect considering the MOU business in Vietnam.  The prospect of Vietnam closing in September is weighing even more heavily on my mind and heart.   

My apologies to my friends that are reading this here instead of through a personal email.  I'm just really upset right now.  Thing's in my little adoption world have not been going well lately.  On Sunday two separate people asked me if I had heard anything further about my China girl and I told them that China is on hold indefinitely and not to ask me again. 

For those of you that pray, please say an extra one for me tonight. 


Kelli January 15, 2008 at 8:50 PM  

Oh Erica, I am crying for you. This totally sucks. I hope they move a little faster, not slower, than they say. I will definitely keep you in my prayers.


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