Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I've been tagged! The rule of fours...

I was tagged by Kelli...let's see how I do!

Four Jobs I've Had

1. On-call baby-sitter

2. Little Sleazer's...oops, Little Caesar's

3.  Float nurse (I worked throughout every department in a hospital..just about the busiest job you can imagine)

4. Currently working in an IS/IT department

Four Movies I have Watched Over and Over

1. The Bourne Movies (Identity and Supremacy)

2. Terminator II

3. Supernatural videos

4.  Austin Powers III--maybe this should have been #1.  I can quote whole sections--I watch it every time I get really upset. 

Four Places I've Lived

1. Fort Wayne

2. A rinky-dinky town in IL

3. Terre Haute

4. B-town

Four Shows I Watch

1. Supernatural--duh, see above

2. Lost

3. Moonlight--can't help it, I love hot looking vampires

4. I used to watch 24--not sure if I will watch the new season or not

Four Places I've Been--there is really not enough room

1. England and Scotland

2. Hong Kong

3. Europe

4. West Coast of the US

Four People Who E-mail Me Regularly

1. My mom--every day, Monday through Friday

2. If IM counts--my friend Michael

3. Kristen

4. Kelli--my new blogger/Vietnam buddy

Four Things I Like to Eat--is this a joke?  It's like asking to pick my favorite child

1. Dim sum--anything except chicken's feet

2. I'm addicted a Lean Cuisine entree called chicken carbonara

3. Lemon flavored yogurt--yum, it's like puddin'

4. Lemon/lime flavored carbonated water.  I have a hard time forcing myself to drink tap water now.  I wish I hadn't started this habit.

Four Places I'd Rather Be--too easy

1.  In Vietnam picking up my son

2. In China picking up my daughter

3. Spending time with my mom

4.  San Francisco

Four Things I'm Looking Forward to This Year

1. I hope to have a referral for my son this year

2. Finishing my business trips to Dallas.  I am such a homebody.

3.  Spending time with my adoption/blogger girlfriends.  I'm hoping we get together 2-3 times this year.

4. Losing some weight!

I'm going to nominate my friend Kris and Chandra


Kelli January 24, 2008 at 8:54 PM  

ooh- Little Sleazers! I love crazy bread!


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