Friday, January 11, 2008

I got nothin'

But at least I'm starting to relax a bit.  I think the combination of several factors and lack of sleep have definitely made me edgy this week.  I did email the USCIS orphan unit rep for the state and received exactly what I expected: nothin'.  No response, no "I'll check into it", nothin'.  I'm still hoping that I will get word tomorrow.  I have this strange feeling that my appointment won't be until the very end of the month, and will probably be the day that I am absolutely swamped at work: the 25th.  Hopefully it won't be that far away, but that seems more likely now.

Today's fortune cookie nugget of knowledge:

Pack your bags.  You are bound for an exciting destination to the far east.   

I have to admit, it's the first time I have seen that one!  I'm still not feeling entirely hopeful about the whole thing right now.  I'm hoping that it really is darkest before dawn because I've been feeling very dark about adoption this week.  I try to remind myself that Kelli was in the same boat only 2 weeks ago and now she is nearly DTV!   Congrats! 

Even though I'm still feeling twitchy and irritable tonight, I did at least do one positive thing today.  As part of my job, I study work flow in the various departments of the hospital.  Last night I borrowed some scrubs from surgery, but since I knew I wouldn't have to meet dress code exactly I wore one of my adoption shirts instead of scrub top.  It's a shirt I bought while I was working on the dossier for my daughter and it has the Chinese symbol for mother on it.  Somehow that little act of deviance did make me feel better. 


Kristen January 12, 2008 at 10:30 AM  

Love the fortune in you cookie! I got that one around the time I decided to adopt (way back in '06) and it's been taped to my fridge since. It's a nice boost whenever I go looking for somethingt eat!

My fingers are crossed that you receive your fingerprinting appt soon!!!! ;-)

Happy Saturday!



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