Saturday, March 14, 2009


After getting Spud to bed tonight I was so looking forward to the rocky road ice cream in the freezer.  Hey, it was a long week and I wanted a little treat.  Unfortunately someone else beat me to it. Opa?  Oma? Auntie Lou?  Not sure since no one is fessing up.  No alcohol in the house either.  And, no, I am not trying to eat/drink my stress away.  I just felt like having a little treat.

Spud and I had a wonderful day.  It was too cold to go out and do anything so we stayed in and played.  I am so thankful that he plays so nicely by himself.  It was apparent after we first met that he had never had any toys before.  He wasn’t sure what to do with them.  Even after getting home he would sometimes play with them, but mostly he preferred to interact with me or with the furniture (he has eaten the corners off my cherry wood end table).  Today I noticed that he really spent some time playing with his toys.  Not just one or two, but considerably more.  Thank goodness!  It allows me a chance to play with my own toys, or, at the least shop for some new toys.  That’s right, I’m still shopping or preparing a shop.  I’m not going crazy, but after saving my butt off for the last few years I would like to finally spend my tax return on something I can play with (my house and son don’t really count).  Ninety per cent will be placed in savings so that I will have money to put towards my daughter’s adoption.  Check this website if you want to find out when to expect your check:

After getting the Spud bathed tonight we spent the evening playing.  I tried to take photos of him, but he does not make it easy.  As soon as he sees me pull the camera out he starts racing towards me and grabbing at my camera.



Walking and giggling like a goon.


Holding on to my shirt and trying to grab my camera.  I think we have another photography buff.  While I was reviewing the day’s photos, he stood behind my left shoulder and leaned over me to see the pictures.  He only does that when I am reviewing my photos.


Always smiling.

IMG_1932 Still reviewing the photos.  Although he has eight teeth already, I suspect he is teething again.  Actually, it was my dad that said that.  He’s been munching on his fingers which he normally doesn’t do.  He is putting those fingers all the way to the back of his mouth and he is drooling.  Yum.


IMG_1938 Watching a little TV.  IMG_1940 Seriously, the boy is always smiling.  I am so blessed:)

IMG_1946 This is actually the first photo that I posted.  I’ve been playing around with the PSE5 software I bought a few years ago and used infrequently.  The top photo isn’t the one I wanted to show you, but for some reason I couldn’t change it from a .psd to a .jpeg.  Technology is weird like that sometimes. 

I’m hoping the weather is warmer than the 55* predicted tomorrow.  The problem with weather here is that we will literally have two weeks of spring like weather and then it is going to be hotter than hades.  We go from 60* to 90* in a heart beat.  Ugh.  I hate the heat.


Kelli March 15, 2009 at 9:51 AM  

That picture of him with the wide eyes is hilarious! He is ready to get at those pictures! Just saw your comment- I think we have the same DSLRs. Mine is a few years older since it's a hand me down....

kris March 16, 2009 at 1:53 PM  

glad he's learning to love his toys. i was a lot like him, loved playing by myself and could entertain myself for long periods. and we go from spring to HOT in a heartbeat too with a nice dose of 95% humidity too. ugh. florida.


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