Thursday, December 6, 2007

Big Red Spot

I think I neglected to mention a little something about my visit to the allergist's office the other day.  My home study requires a TB test and a urine test as part of their international adoption packet.  Because I am allergic to thimerosal (found in the TB solution and some contact cleaning solutions) I have always documented on my personnel file that I am allergic to TB tests.  For my job, I am required to get a chest x-ray every other year to prove that I don't have an active infection.  Well, I explained all this to my doctor on Tuesday but she said that I didn't have a well documented case of allergy.  As a nurse, and as a nurse certified to give and read TB skin tests, I know how to interpret the results.  You measure the induration, not the swelling or redness at the site.  My doctor tried to tell me that redness indicated a positive exposure and that even though I have consistently had a negative chest x-ray and never had a single symptom associated with an infection that I might need to be on INH for 6 months (which would NOT make me a candidate for adoption in any country).  What the heck?  I wanted to scream it's an allergy and you are an allergist, figure it out! but I didn't. 

So today I wake up and noticed that I have a bright red, puffy area on my forearm where I was injected with the solution.  Oh crap.  I had untold numbers of co-workers look at it...some were certified in reading them and others weren't.  All agreed it was red and slightly puffy, the uncertified ones thought I had a positive reaction, while the certified nurses said it was negative.  Wanting to get it documented before I go to the doctor, my office mate pulled some strings and got me in to see the employee health/infectious disease nurse.  She took one look and said "it's negative".  She felt it, rubbed it, double checked and then told me explicitly why it was negative and then she nicely documented on official papers that it was negative and why it was negative.  Armed with those papers I walked into my doctor's office for the nurse to read it.  Two of them agreed, red, but no induration!  They completed my physical form and before the doctor could look at my arm, I was out the door! 

In case you are wondering, my pee was ok too. 



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