Thursday, December 27, 2007

Home Study III--I promise this is the last post

When I returned home on Saturday afternoon I found a nice little letter from Homeland Security (wow, that was fast!) alerting me that they do not accept personal checks.  It doesn't matter that I looked at their website and carefully read the section about how they automatically and immediately deduct the amount from the account, they don't accept personal checks. Ok, got it now.  At least I know that they are fast and efficient when motivated.  So, I went to the bank on Christmas Eve and got a nice fat cashier's check and I managed to get it in the mail a good 15 minutes before the postman showed up.  I'm doing good.

My home study agency is closed until next week due to the Holidays, but my SW emailed me over the weekend to tell me that the coordinator had taken my file home and would be checking in daily to see if CPS had completed the background check on me.  As you might recall (well, if I posted it) I was faxed the new background check form on Thursday when I was out of town.  It must have come back today because my home study is officially completed!  A copy should be on it's way to Homeland Security and another two copies are coming to me! 

Now that I have nearly completed the dossier, I am starting to work on the nursery.  Well, I'm starting to empty the closet in Haven's room.  Small steps, peeps.  You should have seen the amount of crap I had to wade through when I emptied my daughter's room before it became a nursery.  Kris and I made a pact that once we decluttered our babies rooms, we would not take any more personal crap back into it!  I have stuck with it, but now I need to apply it to Haven's room. 

I have finally settled on a theme.  I bought paint for his room nearly a year ago and I think I will paint broad stripes on the the two narrower walls.  It's a calming grayish/lavender color.  My daughter's room has an outdoor theme and I think I'm going to do a similar one for Haven's room.  It will be the Jungle Room without the Jungle Book.  When I was at Toys R Us last week I saw the cutest 2 foot giraffe that would have been perfect...if I could have fit it in my suitcase.  I am going to try to find a zebra print rug or crib sheets.  SO, if any of you see anything cute that you think might work in the room, PLEASE CONTACT ME!


S. December 28, 2007 at 11:40 PM  

I did the same thing with the personal check. You aren't alone!

Kelli December 29, 2007 at 12:03 AM  

Now let's keep our fingers crossed that the USCIS here can be as efficient with I171-H's. I get more and more inpatient as each day goes by...
I spent yesterday taking my stuff out of the soon to be nursery. Where does it all come from? And where will I put it all?


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