Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I've had an appointment scheduled with my allergist for about 2 months--which is longer than I have been working on this adoption.  Given the problems I have had getting into my primary MD office, I decided to give my other doc a chance.  I called her office yesterday and said that I just had a smidge of paperwork...just needed height/weight and vitals. Well, that was a small fib.  They said it was fine. 

I walked in today and expected her to give me a hard time about filling out the home study medical form and signing off on my other form (thanks to Jen and Jonathan who e-mailed me the specifics--I promise to get a blog roll moving soon).  She was delighted to help!  She was so excited, the nurses were excited, it was exciting!  Actually, I was ok with it, they were the ones worked into a frenzy.  I'm guessing not too many people walk into an allergists office and ask for adoption paperwork to be filled out.  She even ordered the lab work and tests required by my home study agency.  She wasn't really sure what to work for the diagnosis code so she put DX: Adoption.  Yeah, the lady at the hospital registration desk just looked at me.  I explained it was a part of my routine physical which was a part of the adoption.  Hopefully that flies with the insurance company.  The doctor did make me promise that I would send in photos once I had photos to share.  She told me that she and her husband (also a doctor) really wanted to have a 4th child, and she wanted to adopt, but he wasn't too keen on it.  Anyway, that's one last thing down...the homestudy is the only other big item.  Yippee!  I just love marking things off my list. 


Kristen December 4, 2007 at 10:50 PM  

Awesome! That was fast! Much better than waiting till after Christmas! K


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