Friday, December 21, 2007

Home Study Updates, Part II

I'm just about done with my home study, but I have to tell you, I was fuming a bit yesterday. My HR department received the employment verification from my home study agency in late November/early December. Because I called and spoke to the department before they received the form, I assumed that they would fill it out immediately, but I assumed incorrectly. I received a message on Wednesday from my SW telling me that they were still missing the HR piece. I called HR immediately and left a message. I waited until 11:15 am the next day and called again and left another message for the person responsible for verifying employment. I asked that she call me to alert me one way or another. No response. During my afternoon break from classes I logged into our secure email site and shot off an email explaining the time sensitive nature of that form and if she was unable to locate the form immediately, another one would be faxed to her immediately. My home study office was just getting ready to fax this chickee and to tell her it had to be completed my Friday or else...or else, I don't know but they were going to see a side of me that they haven't seen before. I call it the cold business woman side. I don't need to yell, it's all in the tone, speech cadence and the steely look. Anyway, that got her into gear. My final personal reference letter was also sent yesterday so I should be set. My SW will email me when everyone has signed off and it's been submitted. Whewww...It's a tough job to manage a dossier from afar. From here I just wait for my fingerprint appointment!


Kelli December 21, 2007 at 9:56 PM  

I feel your pain- it is frustrating! I can't imagine having to do it from out of town!


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