Thursday, December 13, 2007

Home Study--done!

Wow, what an easier experience it has been this time around.  So relaxed, so easy.  I met my social worker, Dee Ellen, today at Starbucks.  She told me there was no reason to go to my home unless I had bought a new home.  Been there, done that I guess.  Since her daughter lives in this area now, I told her to stop by sometime this Spring and she will have a chance to see both nurseries.  I know that the world of international adoption is a slippery slope and there are no guarantees, but I have still chosen to believe that my children will someday come home.  My baby girl's room is nearly complete--the only thing left to do is paint a mural of a cherry blossom tree.  If anyone has any skills they'd like to share, now is a good time to share!  I have the paint for Haven's room, but I will wait until after Christmas to start on anything. I think I might do a jungle theme of sorts.  

I really had a great visit with my SW and I won't go into all the details of it, but she always leaves me with such a positive feeling.  She actually told me I was wise to work on a concurrent adoption since I always planned on having two children.  She said I was being proactive and taking what might be a difficult situation and making it productive.  I haven't been sitting back and complaining about the long wait.  It is a long wait, but I anticipated that it would be.  I will admit that if something happens to slow the wait in VN as well, I may not be as calm about the whole situation. 

I told her that my pastor had joked with me that I might get referred twins or triplets and I told him to bite his tongue.  She told me to think about it and if I don't want that included she would remove it before submitting.  I'm not looking to be matched with twins, trust me, but if I was referred a twin I wouldn't want the boys separated.  They have already lost their bio parents, the thought of losing a bio sibling is too much for me to contemplate.  Does anyone have any thoughts on this?  What did you decide to do?  I realize that the likelihood of twins is unlikely so it probably doesn't matter what she puts down. 

Second question...can anyone recommend any good books about Vietnam?  She had an article for me that she copied from an adoption magazine and they recommended The Sacred Willow by Duong Van Mai Elliot and Paradise of the Blind by Tho Huong Duong.  I keep trying to find books that discuss life in VN, but everything I find discusses the war.  I realize that is a HUGE part of their culture and history, but I don't want Haven growing up thinking that that is all his birth country is known for. 

More good dad has an extra week of vacation that he needs to get rid so he is going to come over next year (God willing that things continue and things become more smooth in VN) and take care of Haven so I don't have to send him to daycare.  Haven will be the first grandson in the family!  My dad is thrilled. 

I really hope the USCIS process is smoother for me this time.  I have managed to complete my paper work in less than three weeks and I really want to get things sent off as soon as possible especially since things are less stable in VN. 

I have already waited so long to start a family...the thought of enduring another long wait would be heartbreaking. 


Kelli December 14, 2007 at 8:24 PM  

I enjoyed Finding Katherine: A spiritual journey to Vietnam and motherhood. I focuses a lot on the adoption aspect but the author traveled through Vietnam during the process.

Kelli December 14, 2007 at 10:30 PM  

2 comments on 1 post- I promise I am not stalking you! Just looking through all the blogs I follow. Not sure if you've seen this one, but Scott traveled in Vietnam for several weeks (maybe over a month) and did a great job of sharing a lot of info and culture on Vietnam.


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