Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Adoption Day--in review

For the record, two wine coolers and an extra tall shot of cough syrup does inhibit the cough mechanism, in case you are wondering. I admit, I did precisely that Monday night. I was too keyed up and had been out in the cold all day and was afraid of coughing all night (like I had the previous few nights).

Michael showed me some of the photos from Monday, but he doesn't know I hijacked a few of them and am going to be showing them to all of you! However, some of them are awesome and since my arms are too short to take a decent self portrait these will be the only pictures of me on "Adoption Day".

Pic1160 He caught me doing the happy dance at the Kinko's/Fed Ex store. The shirt I'm wearing was made in Vietnam. I just love happy little coincidences.

IMG_0171 Evidently his head hurt.

IMG_0189 Abe's looking good. There were some interesting busts. One guy didn't actually have a shirt on and another was wearing a cape. Fortunately Abe wasn't insecure about his manhood.

IMG_0201At the capital building (ok, I realize I really need to get a better sense of government because I have no idea what all our buildings are called).

IMG_0219 I don't remember seeing a sign beneath her so I am referring to her as "The Goddess"

IMG_0221 The top of the Monument

IMG_0239 Here, ducky ducky

Pic1235And here is star of my Three Second Story. You can't see it too well from this view since we had finally gotten through the intersection when Michael took this photo. The back end of the little red car was smashed in and the axle was broken (check out the back tire). The cop never asked for our witness statement, but you can see two of the three Russian women in the photo making sure the cop got their statement.

I had no idea the people of Indy were so friendly! Michael made a crack about forgetting his fanny pack at home and the young business man walking in front of us on the street turned around and asked, "Where are you from?" Ok, we actually fessed up that time. But the running joke after that was that we were from Minnesota (say it with a Minnesota accent) and that we got sidetracked on our way to Florida. And just so my Minnesota readers don't think I am making fun of them, Michael was born and raised in Minnesota and only moved "south" when he was 22. Strangely, my Minnesota accent is so much better than his!

I also have no sense of direction. People that know me, know this. I can barely figure my way around on their roads, but their sidewalks? Fugget about it. Michael evidently has little sense of direction either because we walked, and walked, and walked. I would stop and ask for directions and on two, TWO, occasions the people insisted on walking us to our destination. The one time we ended up walking with a graphic designer for over a mile! I would ask one person directions on the street and another pedestrian would overhear the conversation and come back and help. Wow. I have never been anywhere and been treated so well. It was kind of embarrassing that it occurred little more than an hour from home. Even in the mall I was trying to find a cookie/bakery for Michael (he's a lot like my mom and has to have something sweet after a meal) and I simply could not find it. The woman ahead of us on the escalator turned around and gave us directions. It was really an awesome day filled with awesome people.

Amazingly, my arms have not bothered me at all (from the immunizations). My legs, however, were burning and achy yesterday. We walked about 5 or 6 miles on Monday and my face is now red and peeling. I am not sure if I am wind burned and sun burned, but it is a little tender and I look like a big flake. Michael is over a foot taller than me and made a joke about me having to work "an extra 25-50%" just to keep up. So, yeah, my legs hurt.

I have just felt profoundly relieved, happy, tired and many other things since completing and submitting my dossier. Thank God it is done and now I can sit back and wait. Of course, life will be a little more boring now and you may be bored by the fluff that I write, but I'm ok with that for now. Life will get interesting once again. This gives me a chance to prepare. I really want to start on the nursery soon. I suspect that Haven will actually start out in his sister's room (since she isn't home yet) and that is where the crib is set up. With any luck he will be graduating to a toddler bed or a big boy bed by the time she comes home, but I still want to fix up a boy room. I'm going to go with a jungle theme and am so excited to do a boys room. When I painted the first nursery last year some people gave me a hard time when I painted the room blue and I bought a cherry wood furniture set. I didn't want anything gender specific and I think that was wise. Of course, Haven may some day be irritated with me because the paint I bought for his room (over a year ago) is a lavender-gray color. I wouldn't consider it girly any more than I consider the blue boyish.

Ok, this post has become ├╝ber-long because I am tired and weird feeling. Just think, if you were sitting right next to me I'd be jabbering a mile a minute and your head would be spinning.

Cheers, y'all.


Kelli March 26, 2008 at 10:00 PM  

We try to be friendly up here in the big city! Hope you hear your official number soon!

Leanne March 27, 2008 at 9:36 PM  

Hi Erica...I am glad you ran across my blog...I look forward to following your journey as well -- isn't it so crazy! I can really appreciate your post about the yahoo groups -- I have totally stopped reading the postings.

Wishing you the very best!
Leanne :)


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