Monday, March 10, 2008

Whining? No, not me!

While I tend to go down hard after getting kicked in the shins, I seem to rise from adversity with a tenacity that rivals cock-fighting roosters.  Today I woke up excited and almost, almost, expected to see my 171H in my mailbox.  It wasn't, in the event anyone is still reading my blathering posts obsessing on this stupid piece of paper.  But I am moving forward and making plans.  I have decided that March 24th is going to be my adoption day.  I've made appointments with the Public Health Clinic to get the first of my Hep A series, and praise Jesus, it's only $55 (they are throwing in the tetanus for free!).  When I started my job last fall, they did titers on Hep B and one of the MMR combo and I was still showing an immunity to both.  It makes me feel like I am actually doing something positive for myself and moving things in the right direction.  I'm not sure my mom felt the same way when I told her that she needed to make sure she renews her driver's license (believe it or not, an expired license can not be used as a form of ID), make sure her passport is good for another couple of years, and get her immunizations.  Seems like a lot to go through for a grandchild! 

Today at work some of my co-workers told me that I needed to look into adopting because it was "easier" and "all the celebrities are doing it".  No, my co-workers do not know I am adopting and yes, I did try my best to correct their incorrect beliefs without letting them know I am adopting.  They'll find out one of these days and there doesn't seem to be a real rush to alert them until I actually have a referral.  I'm not sure how long before I will see Haven's photo, but I'm quite sure my China girl is a long way off. 

It is Monday and I want to highlight the blog of another positive poster.  I love Meredith's blog.  Like any prospective parent she goes through the highs and the lows, but she always seems to find her balance.  She also does not post unsubstantiated rumors--she writes purely from the heart.  She is also a list maker....hmmm...people might begin to realize that I, too, am a secret list maker.  Her Daily Dolly feature is so cute and Ms. Dolly looks like the friendliest little dog around. 

If you would like to be considered for next Monday's edition of "Positive Poster", drop me a line so I can check out your blog.  This is open to all PAPs and is not country specific. 

Enjoy the rest of your Monday.


Meredith March 10, 2008 at 10:22 PM  

Thanks so much for the kind words. I love your blog too! Maybe tomorrow is the day - you never know!

Kate March 10, 2008 at 10:46 PM  

Praying the conveted "piece of paper" gets here soon.

Kate March 11, 2008 at 11:38 AM  

Well, geez...I can't spell. I meant COVETED. Comment sections need spell check!

Whining seems to be the topic of the week. We should all have some WINE with our WHINE! =)


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