Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Nothing new

Obviously I have a singular focus these days.  I apologize to those that are expecting to here something other the 171H watch. 

To cheer up a colleague today a group of us split out of work early to watch Juno.  I actually chose the movie even though I have already seen it.  Somehow, it really meant more to me this time.  My colleagues are easily 15-25 years older than me and they made comments throughout the movie about the crazy acting adoptive mom.  I didn't say anything, but inside I felt the ache of that woman.  I was never one that had baby lust, but once I began the adoption process, my heart changed.  I understand how distressing it is to want a child and not be able to have one and to have obstacles in your way that are outside your control (are you reading this USCIS?). 

As I was driving home from the movie it was only mid afternoon and I began getting excited about the possibility of having my 171H in my box.  I imagined that it was there and the rush to get the remainder of my documents notarized and even rush to the state capitol for my authentications.  My heart was racing a bit as I pulled up to the house.  Oh well, there is always tomorrow.  Actually, it was a reminder that I really need to get all my documents together and get organized.  I hate to admit it, but things are kind of spread out a bit.

I have always enjoyed writing and have written extensively in the past.  Fortunately it's better than the usual drivel I put on here so I've decided to write a family history from my perspective.  While my children will not share my biological background, they will share my family history.  It's kind of fun to look back and remember the stories that my parents and grandparents have told over the years.  Every family has it's own language and our's certainly has had a colorful version.  It will also be a way to share my children's stories as I know it.   Unfortunately I won't be able to give them their full stories, and that saddens me, but I hope to give them something to hold onto so they always know they much I prayed and longed for them.

Incidentally, today marks 13 months that my dossier has been logged in China.  Wow. 



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